2019 (first half)

Well, that went quick. So, here’s some of the top TV I’ve loved from the first half of the year:

Fleabag, Chernobyl (holy shit that was good!), After Life, Barry, Chimerica, Back to Life, Dead Pixels.

Really worth seeking out any of the above (and much more I’m sure I’ve forgotten about or not got around to watching yet).

Chiltern Writers Talk

Just a quick one…

Tomorrow night (9th May) I will be giving a talk on screenwriting to the CHILTERN WRITERS group. I don’t know if it’s open to the public/any one who wants to turn up, but if you’re in the area and interested in writing… I will be bumbling on from about 8pm.

Also, writers groups are great, so maybe you live in the area and are looking to join one. Either way, their website is HERE with more details of all the above.

RIP Ian Cognito

Ian Cognito scared the shit out of me. But in a good way. A keep you on your toes, what the hell’s he gonna do next good way. On 11th April 2019 Ian Cognito died on stage, performing at a comedy club in Bicester. He will be truly missed.

I first met Cog’s pretty early in my stand up career. Probably somewhere around 2001/2002. I’d heard the stories, the legends, the amount of hotels and comedy clubs he was band from… and I was sort of dreading the first time I would meet or have to be on a bill with him. It wasn't so much that I didn't think I’d like him (I love a good story about a Hollywood superstar or British theatre lovey in the 70’s drunk somewhere being a lunatic and a diva), I was more worried that Cog’s wouldn't like me. I just knew in the pit of my stomach I just wasn't;t his type of person. Young, seemingly clever and educated whimsical storyteller. Yup, he was going to eat me alive and get very angry at my very existence.

And then my time came. A call from a booker asking me to do one of those lovely (if you’re 22) three day tours of part of England that sometimes popped up in your diary. This one was a tour of various towns in Cornwall. Just me and a headliner with the local promoter MCing the shows. Lovely. It was only a few days before the shows I was told the headliner would be Ian Cognito. I would have to pick him up in Bristol on my way past, drive him to Newquay (at least a six hour drive), then perform with him for the next three nights and probably hang out with him in the days too. This, as you can imagine, was not the idea first meeting I was looking for. Like I said… the stories, the legends. Oh, god.

As it turned out, Cog’s was a bloody gentleman. Warm, friendly, genuinely interested and funny as hell. Occasionally with a naughty twinkle in his eyes but nothing like the worst case scenario I’d been worrying about..

On the first night, after a pretty good show for both of us (which I think helped me earn some of Cog’s respect) we ended up back at the house we where staying at (god knows who’s, some friend of the promoters probably) drinking in the lounge. Me, Cog’s, the sound guy and a couple of girls. It was a lot of fun. Then at about 2am I remember seeing something in Cog’s eyes as he told a story. A flash of something. Something I just knew in my tummy was a signal I should probably go to bed. And not in 5 minutes. Not at the end of my drink. Now. I should go to bed now. So I did. And filled with booze as I was, I slept like a log.

The next morning I came downstairs to find Cog’s still sat in the same seat he’d been the night before – only now completely sober – with the remains of the rooms main window, smashed and broken, creaking in the wind behind him. He looked at me with those cheeky, almost child like blue eyes, smiled and said – “Do you think they’ll notice?” I said I thought they probably would. He smiled again and said “I’ll just tell them I was stopping a burglar.”

And that was Ian Cognito. A great guy to know and to be around… if you knew when to go to bed.

I will miss both him and the legends.

Dead Pixels

New comedy Dead Pixels on E4 (and All4 online) is really bloody great. I really recommend it. A bit Spaced. A bit The Inbetweeners. A bit something totally fresh and new. Cast, direction, edit, design and writing all working together beautifully. Good stuff. Highly recommended. 

Some Recommendations...

Recently, I’ve been thinking I should try and write more here… Just something to do in-between projects… to keep the brain bubbling and help pass the time as I wade through the never ending sinkhole of television development.… So, I’m going to try.

Also, it might be more interesting for you (the six people who actually read this site) than the rather dull two or three ‘News’ posts I currently make per year. But let’s see how we go shall we? No promises. I just think I’m going to try.

So, I thought I might as well start this brand new dawn by posting a list of TV, films and books I enjoyed last year that I highly recommend to you. Because, why not. Share the love I say:

TV – I just loved: SUCCESSION (HBO and possibly Sky?), A VERY ENGLISH SCANDAL (BBC & Amazon), THERE SHE GOES (BBC 4) and (so far) series 2 of FLEABAG (BBC) has been even better than the first. Just bloody perfect.

FILM – My favourites from the last few months have been EIGHTH GRADE (out in the UK 26/04/19), CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME and LEAVE NO TRACE. All highly recommended, charming, funny and emotional. And not one of them up for best writer or director at the Oscars, which is truly criminal.

BOOKSLESS By Andrew Sean Greer, AMSTERDAM by Ian McEwan and BEFORE THE FALL By Noah Hawley.


She’s Back!

The box set of JENNY: THE DOCTOR’S DAUGHTER from BIG FINISH was finally release today.  I had the honour of writing episode 4: Zero Space.  You can buy your CD copy or download it all here.  Loads of fun work on this, so enjoy. 

Jenny: The Doctor's Daughter

Hey, so this finally got announced by BIG FINISH...

 I've written an episode of their JENNY: THE DOCTOR'S DAUGHTER Box set.  I mean, how could I turn down working with Georgia Tennant again?  I've been looking for something to do with her since WHITE VAN MAN ended.  She asked, and how could I say no...?

Out JUNE 2018.  Details and pre order here

Big Finish/Doctor Who

Just a quick post to let you know the DOCTOR WHO audio play I wrote for BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS staring Tom Baker, was finally released today.  Writing this was a real childhood dream for me so it's great to see so many nice reviews and hear such positive feed back for it.

If you want to join in the adventure you can DOWNLOAD a copy or BUY A CD here.