WGA/Talent Agent War

Well, it’s all been kicking off hasn’t it...?

Recently the Writers Guild Of America have stepped up and finally decided something needs to be done about the way US talent agents ‘package’ deals. It’s a ludicrously complicated subject... and i’ll put my hands up right now and tell you I’ve never been a fan of packaging fees (I’d suggest a Google for more details on what they and packaging in general are). But the other day I read a very angry and passionate piece by writer David Simon (The Wire, The Deuce, Treme) about just this subject. It might help you understand what us writers who work in America and the WGA are fighting against. Link HERE

Some Recommendations...

Recently, I’ve been thinking I should try and write more here… Just something to do in-between projects… to keep the brain bubbling and help pass the time as I wade through the never ending sinkhole of television development.… So, I’m going to try.

Also, it might be more interesting for you (the six people who actually read this site) than the rather dull two or three ‘News’ posts I currently make per year. But let’s see how we go shall we? No promises. I just think I’m going to try.

So, I thought I might as well start this brand new dawn by posting a list of TV, films and books I enjoyed last year that I highly recommend to you. Because, why not. Share the love I say:

TV – I just loved: SUCCESSION (HBO and possibly Sky?), A VERY ENGLISH SCANDAL (BBC & Amazon), THERE SHE GOES (BBC 4) and (so far) series 2 of FLEABAG (BBC) has been even better than the first. Just bloody perfect.

FILM – My favourites from the last few months have been EIGHTH GRADE (out in the UK 26/04/19), CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME and LEAVE NO TRACE. All highly recommended, charming, funny and emotional. And not one of them up for best writer or director at the Oscars, which is truly criminal.

BOOKSLESS By Andrew Sean Greer, AMSTERDAM by Ian McEwan and BEFORE THE FALL By Noah Hawley.


She’s Back!

The box set of JENNY: THE DOCTOR’S DAUGHTER from BIG FINISH was finally release today.  I had the honour of writing episode 4: Zero Space.  You can buy your CD copy or download it all here.  Loads of fun work on this, so enjoy. 

Jenny: The Doctor's Daughter

Hey, so this finally got announced by BIG FINISH...

 I've written an episode of their JENNY: THE DOCTOR'S DAUGHTER Box set.  I mean, how could I turn down working with Georgia Tennant again?  I've been looking for something to do with her since WHITE VAN MAN ended.  She asked, and how could I say no...?

Out JUNE 2018.  Details and pre order here

Big Finish/Doctor Who

Just a quick post to let you know the DOCTOR WHO audio play I wrote for BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS staring Tom Baker, was finally released today.  Writing this was a real childhood dream for me so it's great to see so many nice reviews and hear such positive feed back for it.

If you want to join in the adventure you can DOWNLOAD a copy or BUY A CD here.