Some Recommendations...

Recently, I’ve been thinking I should try and write more here… Just something to do in-between projects… to keep the brain bubbling and help pass the time as I wade through the never ending sinkhole of television development.… So, I’m going to try.

Also, it might be more interesting for you (the six people who actually read this site) than the rather dull two or three ‘News’ posts I currently make per year. But let’s see how we go shall we? No promises. I just think I’m going to try.

So, I thought I might as well start this brand new dawn by posting a list of TV, films and books I enjoyed last year that I highly recommend to you. Because, why not. Share the love I say:

TV – I just loved: SUCCESSION (HBO and possibly Sky?), A VERY ENGLISH SCANDAL (BBC & Amazon), THERE SHE GOES (BBC 4) and (so far) series 2 of FLEABAG (BBC) has been even better than the first. Just bloody perfect.

FILM – My favourites from the last few months have been EIGHTH GRADE (out in the UK 26/04/19), CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME and LEAVE NO TRACE. All highly recommended, charming, funny and emotional. And not one of them up for best writer or director at the Oscars, which is truly criminal.

BOOKSLESS By Andrew Sean Greer, AMSTERDAM by Ian McEwan and BEFORE THE FALL By Noah Hawley.